A history of the uss alabama

Detached from the Formosa area on 14 October to sail toward Luzonthe ship again used her anti-aircraft batteries in support of the carriers as enemy aircraft attempted to attack the formation. This is a picture of the ship's Main Communication Station.

The law created an member Commission, whose members are appointed by the Governor for terms of 8 years. She underwent a brief stint in the large drydock at the Pearl Harbor Navy Yard. At hours on 30 March, a single plane approached Task Group For anti-aircraft defense, the vessel was outfitted with 24 x 40mm Bofors autocannons and up to 22 x 20mm Oerlikon cannons.

World War 2 was not to officially begin until September of that year but the signs on the horizon were clear to many and shipbuilding programs around the globe smashed the naval limitations observed since the close of World War 1 She arrived at Virginia in August of where she was given an overhaul before being called to her next assignment in Pacific waters.

She was assigned to Task Group The Commission meets almost every month, with the majority of meetings held aboard the Battleship. On 8 December, Alabama, along with five other fast battleships MassachusettsNorth CarolinaSouth Dakota, Washingtonand Indianabombarded Nauru Islandan enemy phosphate-producing center, causing severe damage to shore installations there.

This lasted until February In Decemberthe Alabama encountered a fierce typhoon that sank three American destroyers and caused the ship to roll in excess of 30 degrees. Before the end of the month, she was engaged with other warships in "Operation Flintlock" in the Marshall Islands region and then lent her support to American carriers in transit.

On 12 February, Alabama sortied out with the aircraft carrier Bunker Hill's Task Group, and many other members of the Fast Carrier Task Force to launch very major carrier air attacks on the Japanese installations, aircraft, and shipping at the major Japanese Central Pacific base of Truk Atoll.

The carriers launched strikes on shipping and installations in the Manila Bay area on 21—22 September, and in the central Philippines area on 24 September.

Electrical Needs of the Ship The turbines also generated the alternating current that provided for the ship's electrical needs. At least three Commissioners must be residents of Mobile County and one a resident of Baldwin County, with the rest from all around the state.

Practically no more conventional air attacks were ever made against these ships, with the Japanese Navy and its Army Air Force resorting to determined kamikaze attacks for the remainder of the war in the Pacific. On 12 June, Alabama screened the aircraft carriers as they made air strikes on Saipan.

Inside this room all explosive cartridges of powder and projectiles were secured to the deck. From 14—16 December, a veritable umbrella of carrier aircraft covered the Luzon fields, preventing any enemy planes from getting airborne to challenge the Mindoro-bound convoys.

A forward-looking group of Alabamians saw a bright future in the aging warship as the anchor attraction of a Memorial Park to be located in Mobile. Tirpitz remained in her port in a northern Norwegian fjord. As the year began, the new battleship headed north to conduct operational training out of Casco BayMaine.

An Officers' Stateroom This is a picture of an officers' stateroom.

On this day in Alabama history: USS Birmingham fought in The Battle of Guam

She was deactivated in and formally decommissioned on January 9th, Allied leaders also hoped the prize battleship would draw out the German dreadnought Tirpitz, but that battle never materialized.

With the December 7th, surprise attack on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii by the Japanese Navy, America officially entered the war on the side of the Allies, ramping up its industry and manpower into and during On 15 Augustshe received word of the Japanese capitulation.

It sailed around the globe, usually working out of the West Indies, but taking prizes and bungling Union shipping in the Caribbean, off Newfoundland, and around the coast of South America. Additional air strikes and shore bombardments of Saipan by the fleet continued, and two Marine divisions landed on the heavily defended island on 15 June.

Park History

Alabama conducted several training actions and took part in exercises during this lull. Following a period of availability and logistics support at Norfolk, Alabama was assigned to Task Group Firing some large caliber rounds in the bombardment, she also took the destroyer Boyd alongside, after that warship had received a direct hit from a Japanese shore battery on Nauru.Watch video · Alabama, which joined the union as the 22nd state inis located in the southern United States and nicknamed the “Heart of Dixie.” The region that became Alabama.

ifongchenphoto.com: Genforum & Family History SearchGenealogy Resources · Discover Your Genealogy · Start Your Research · Billions of Records. On June 16,the ALABAMA was donated to the "USS ALABAMA Battleship Commission" and was subsequently towed to her permanent berth at Mobile, Ala., arriving in Mobile Bay on 14 September There, she serves as a museum.

The USS Alabama was in many battles during its 37 months of active duty during the World War II, but suffered only five non-combat fatalities. Battlefield Memorial Park Battleship Memorial Park in Mobile is an amazing firsthand look at an important era in America's military history.

Our Mission. The State of Alabama Legislature outlined the mission of the USS ALABAMA Battleship Commission when it created that body in The Commission shall “establish, operate and maintain a state memorial park to honor the Alabamians who participated so valiantly in all armed conflicts of the United States and, as a.

The Association CSS Alabama and the Naval History and Heritage Command signed on March 23, an official agreement accrediting Association CSS Alabama as operator of the archaeological investigation of the remains of the ship. Fire on the Water: The USS Kearsarge and the CSS Alabama.

A history of the uss alabama
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